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    I have had that question asked many times, "Prove to Me that God Exists" which I have compiled a response, gathering all my thoughts when confronted by such a question. The following is not an exhaustive response, but certainly a good start to a comprehensive response.

    The spiritual and the divine cannot be secured in a laboratory as to examined by experiment, observation, and measurement. There is the question of whether something exists or not. A thing can exist whether we know it or not. That leads to the question whether we know it exists. Then there is the question of whether we have a reason for our knowledge. We can know some things was absolute assurance without being able to lead others to that knowledge by reasons. Then there is the question of whether this reason, if it exists, amounts to a proof. Whereas the reasons we give for what we believe amount to probabilities, not proofs.

    A creator exists, we can know that, we can give reasons, and those reasons amount to proof, but not scientific proof, except in an unusually broad sense such as creation itself. How is it that any rational mind requires proof that an entity of multi-dimensions exists?

    Codes, do not occur without a designer. Examples of symbolic codes include music, blueprints, different languages and dialects, computer programs, and yes, living DNA. The essential distinction is the difference between a pattern and a code. Chaos can produce patterns like snowflakes, tornados, hurricanes, sand dunes, stalactites, rivers and ocean waves, but natural patterns have never been shown to produce codes or symbols. Codes and symbols store information, which is not a property of matter and energy alone. Information itself is a separate entity on par with matter and energy.

    DNA is not merely a molecule with a pattern; it is a code, a language, and an information storage mechanism. All codes from which we know the origin of are created by a conscious and self-aware mind. Therefore all living DNA was designed by a intelligence, and language and information are proof of the action of a Super intelligence. To the extent that scientific reasoning can prove anything, DNA is proof of a designer. Many scientist have begun as atheists, but become aware of the greater divine by means of proof found in research that grants awareness beyond contradiction.

    Be forewarned, Faith is a delicate seed and a gracious gift, always must it be protected with the greatest care and diligence as not to allow corruption. Once introduced to malevolent thought or treatise, even a whole nation can converge on atheism, as Germany did under Adolf Hitler. Protect your heart and mind from intellectual rabble and arguments filled with demonic wisdom. For such springs disillusionment, then departure into darkness, potentially forever shrouded from illumination of truth and spirit. Paul reveled to have finished his life without losing his faith, because he knew it was possible to depart from the light of truth. “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7 Amen.

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