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Thoughtful commentary and reasoning surveying all aspects of Christian Theology.

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Tithing and Donations
What is a Christians responsibility in supporting the local church and missions.
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Favorite Books for Spiritual Growth
Readers submit their cherished authors. What books enhance you spiritually?
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Hell and Torment
What is Hell and is it a subject to bring up when sharing the gospel?
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The Holy Spirit
Any subject related to the Holy Spirit
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by Travis
How Does Good and Evil Exist?
Is Good Really the Absence of Evil?
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by SERay
The Rite of Baptism
Is baptism required for salvation? Many questions can be asked about baptism.
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The Holy Trinity
It is difficult to grasp how three distinct and unique positions can be one.
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Praying and Fasting
What exactly is praying in the spirit and the proper way to conduct fasting?
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by SERay
Anointing With Oil
Discussions about the scriptural teaching regarding this subject.
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Discussing scriptural revelation about God's judgments and our judgments about others and ourselves,
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by SERay
Justified by Faith
Discussions about what the scriptures teach regarding justificaiton by faith.
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Walking in the Holy Spirit
A Christian is marked by the seal, but what about the daily walking in the Spirit?
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The Difficult Teachings in Scripture
There are many passages in scripture that are confusing or result in misinterpretation.
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by SERay
As important as being able to Love fully, this is equally as hard to do... fully.
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Who Is God?
Discussions on the Creator, personal attributes and existence.
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by SERay
Is Jesus Christ God?
Was Christ only a man, the son of God or actually God incarnate?
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by SERay
Who is the Anti-Christ?
Scripture gives us notice of a man who will incarnate Lucifer. How shall be know him?
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by SERay
When is Jesus Coming Back?
Did Jesus provide any indications and what are the signs?
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by Dianna
Inerrancy of Scriptures
Are the Canon of Scriptures inerrant? Is the Bible perfectly written, without flaw?
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Eucharist or Communion
There are primarily two views on the Lord's Supper, although other variants exist.
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Local and World Missions
Discussions on evangelical missions, both locally and worldwide.
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by SERay