What about ghosts? With the highly popular television series "Ghost Hunters" and copycat spin-off shows where "investigators" using hi-tech equipment stir up "shadow people," unexplained noises and voices, and all manners of apparitions, what is happening? Are these “spirits” dead people who have somehow lost their way in eternity? Could they be demons or fallen angels masquerading for deception purposes?

Some of the “investigators” use a crucifix for demon control and with a Bible and holy water in hand pray blessings upon haunted dwellings. Others wear the red woven string of Kabbalah. Often the crew leaders advise uneasy property owners to accept the entities sympathetically and share their space with them if they are non-violent. One “investigator” actually benevolently invited a “spirit” to come home with him to his own family! Incredible!

So what do you think? Even though this type of show is somewhat entertaining (and we can always pray for the deluded folk), should a Christian even watch it?