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Jesus Is The Only Way
Comments about scriptural dogma on Jesus being the only way to God
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Capital Punishment
Is the death penalty or execution by judicial process for retribution a mandate from God?
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Christian Mysticism
Discussing the varients of mysticism, which is benevolent and what is manevolent.
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Politics and the Faith
The thread tries to limit political assessments against scriptural evidence less personal bias.
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by SERay
Evolution vs Creationism
Any comments regarding old earth and new earth thought
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Is Israel Replaced by Christianity?
There is a teaching that Christians have assumed Israel's position as God’s chosen.
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Dooms Day 2012
Comments about Mayan astrological calendar and end time prediction
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Goulish Entertainment
Should a Christian consume content related to spirits and death?
Topics: 1 Posts: 11
Last Post: What About Ghosts?
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by SERay
UFO's, Aliens, and Nephilim
Are these mentioned in Scriptures and what do they have to do with Christianity?
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by SERay
Is it a behavior or orientation? How should we respond to a person of this persuasion?
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Would God Allow a Child Sacrifice?
Discussion may make references to Abraham and Jephthah.
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The Crucifixion
The are several different views about the accurate representation of Christ's Crucifixion.
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by Sandy
Why Would God Allow Slavery
All manners of slavery is mentioned in the scriptures, what was God's position?
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