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    The attached video is published frequently, and it is commonly referred to as a spine-tingling Holy Spirit filled video. I may get myself in trouble here, but I'm going address it as it is. Friends, emotional stimuli is not evidence of the Holy Spirit.

    Like a professional entertainer who knows how to initiate emotionalism, Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, NBC/Telemundo called him “America's most influential Latino Evangelical leader,” is able to generate spectacular results, Sunday after Sunday. It is a wary path, where emotions are not a testimony of the Holy Spirit, because all the senses are part of the fallen nature. Pastor Rodriguez skillfully deployed psychological crescendos, a slow then mounting story-line, a common tool used by charismatic leaders and entertainers, to exploit the emotions for a sought reaction.

    If we chose to trust our physical sensations as "guides" to what is of God, then we are easy targets for New Age ideologies. Where a great deal of Hinduism is about exploring the sensual components of the fallen nature, a means to find the inner "god." The only sure revelation of God's mind and being is the truth found in Scripture, it is the final revelation by which all things must be tested and measured... not the emotions.

    Additionally, there are any number of videos on YouTube that can yield similar climactic sensations, but not be of spiritual origin. Watch fans of a football team, who are winning a game, and witness similar euphoria and unbridled zeal. In a similar fashion, Christians are zealous for the faith and it's Savior, and can be inspired to a euphoric elation. It is temporal and inspiring for emotional effect, but derived from a physiological reaction, not divine revelation.

    Sadly, we have many camps in the post-modern church that are largely geared around the "emotions" which is a Holy Spirit grieving error in of itself. While emotions can and will be part of the overflow of the Holy Spirit, they are never indications of the Holy Spirit. The following link is a good outline, to assist further, from a reliable and esteemed source: http://www.gotquestions.org/feel-Holy-Spirit.html

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