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Catholics and Protestants
What is the difference between these faiths?
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by SERay
Movements within the Church
Types of church including Home Church, Emerging Church, Missional, Purpose Driven.
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Once Saved Always Saved
Many people believe if you confess Christ, you are preserved for heaven no matter what. Is this true or scriptural interpretation gone wrong?
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by SERay
Trusting God in Difficult Times
Do I wait on God and pray during times of need or is there more to faith?
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Faith Verses Reason
Can we through skillfully managed arguments, win converts to Christ?
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Should Women Be Allowed to Teach?
Not allowing women to teach or lead has been a accepted for centuries, but is it correct?
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by SERay
Fellowship with Unbelievers
How is a Christian to interrelate with unbelievers? What does scripture teach and what lines are drawn?
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Controversial Teachers
Discussion about popular leaders/teachers whose messages are subject to controversy.
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Offenses in the Church
What does it mean when one is offended in the church? What is the biblical standard for these occasions?
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by SERay
Dancing in the Church
While some insist it is proof of being Spirit filled, it is actually a theologically acceptable practice?
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Christian without Church Attendence?
Can one profess to be in Christ yet not attend church or a gathering of believers?
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What is the meaning of this subject, which has little press or explaination to be found?
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by KathyA
False Teachers and Cults
Discussions about current false teachers and rising cults.
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Laying Out Fleece / Casting of Lots
Should a Christian under the Covenant of Grace seek signs from God?
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