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  • Laminin Protein, Sign from God?

    The story about the Laminin protein being a sign from God to humanity has been circulating the internet, circa 2000. The above attached is a popular video, currently enjoying 3.7 million hits on YouTube. The presentation initially starts out containing a powerful scripture message read by Louie. If he had stopped there, the edifying significance would have been exceptional… but…

    As you proceed to view the video, Louie’s transitions to an over-emphasis on the shape of Laminin or heterotrimeric glycoprotein as a spiritual metaphor. Not that it is bad in itself, but it quickly becomes an “over-spiritualization” of a natural phenomenon.

    There is a long history of people finding divine apparations within natural phenomenon. The Virgin Mary with child is spotted on a frosted Milton Hospital window in 2003. The hospital had to install a tarp to cover the window as to solve traffic jambs. The faithful came in droves to worship the window. Or how about the Florida man who spotted Jesus' head on a piece of French toast in 2010, whose photo went viral for others to adore. Let us not forget the Virgin Mary cheese sandwich won on eBay by a casino owner for $28K. The stories are countless, even endless. The list of natural phenomenon’s resulting in a spiritual claims reach back into recorded time. We are indeed earth-bound creatures emotionally stimulated by our six senses, often unto faulty conclusions.

    In truth, the Laminin glycoprotein shape is more akin to the caduceus with its winding alpha-chain and beta-chain, over the rod structure. Also, in its proper orientation, the molecule Laminin is actually horizontal, not vertical, again negating the cross shape. Below are scientific diagrams of the Laminin proteins during tissue morphogenesis, depictions that are lacking the sense of spiritual awe, when trying to find a faith related metaphor or visual.

    The impression that Giglio falsely gives is the Laminin protein consistently retains the cross-shape, shouting a moleculer message to the curious world, which is actually far from reality. The Laminin structure viewed in its nature state, looks more like:

    While people do get excited about the shape of something looking like a spiritual enigma, the heart is much safer binding itself to the truth found in Christ, and not to give much credence to signs aggrandized by people who are hyper-sensationalists.

    Yes, it is a wonderfully designed molecule, but the white blood cell mitochondria or ubiquitous Fibonacci sequences are far more complex and aggrandizing, but they shall never gain this magnitude of worship for lack of a religious shape as an icon. All molecules are certainly a reflection of the handiwork of God, but when anything of creation gains more glory, more awe, is elevated above the Christian’s only focus: Christ's finished work on the cross, it can become like that of a physical edifice to make into shrines as holy relics or spiritual idols.

    Another Christian author provides a corrective step back from the “Wow!” of the Laminin protein into which many Christians uncritically rush, trying to coax them back from the proverbial “edge” :

    "God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 4:24

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