Christian Feminism, Is It Even Possible?



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  • Christian Feminism, Is It Even Possible?

    This post is being written immediately after the Woman's March following Donald Trump's inauguration. Comments will elude to that specific event.

    While some women were present as a voice to sustain woman's rights, which is understandable and plausible, the larger number lauded hedonistic pageantry, a march of debauchery with a perverse itinerary. The bright pink, cat-eared female genitalia hats were indisputably a feminist statement. Mothers unashamedly coerced their young daughters to attend, adorned with paganistic regalia, including demurred signs and t-shirts. The march was a toned down reflection of the more radical Ukrainian and Kiev ‘Femen’ movement, who use sextremism, improprieties and vulgarity as a method to declare women's rights. These exhibitions were documented and undeniably present.

    Many of the women were pro-abortionists carrying signs displaying the female reproductive system to object to Trump’s statements that he would appoint a pro-life Supreme Court justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia. It is no secret that ecofeminism is the revival of goddess worship, esteeming the females liberty to celebrate their impulsive desires and instinctual yearnings. They march to justify the discarding of a fetus, which is deemed an undesirable consequence of unrestrained passions. Furthermore, the populist ecological activism by woman exonerate the reproductive biology as the source of female power. What should be a call for modesty becomes a chant for revolution.

    Feminism inherently seeks to dismantle the traditional family unit for its own gain. Why? To the feminism, old loyalties are like bad habits interfering with an individual’s ability to pledge unwavering allegiance. Feminism wants control, but families tend to put family members and their needs before the demands of the ism, reducing the ism’s power and influence and therefore undermining its control. Feminist icons have not tried to hide their antipathy for the family unit, their hostility and propaganda to devalue the family unit, where abortion is one of the keynotes. Anyone informed knows this is old news.

    Feminism told women, “you can have it all,” emphasizing equal rights while minimizing equal responsibilities. In order to dislodge homemaker wives from their families, feminism devalued their role. Programmed to think that men got the better deal, many stay-at-home moms were resentful, and divorce rates accelerated. The problem with these messages given to young children is that they erode the underlying beliefs necessary for a trusting and caring relationship to be built around. In short, it is divorce training.

    Feminism minimizes the role of nature, telling us that the differences between the sexes comes down to social conditioning. It is not a coincidence that former President Obama created a White House Council on Women and Girls but refused to create a White House Council on Men and Boys. If you wanted to divide a population for your own gain, an effective way to do so would be to tell one half that the other half is willfully oppressing them, and then make the former believe that they are inherently better people than the latter, that the latter is untrustworthy and doesn’t deserve to be in charge. Feminism is a thinly veiled version of Marxism that Socialism promotes, blaming the “patriarchy” in place of capitalism.

    As a Christian, we know that we must, "Abstain from all appearance of evil" (1 Thess. 5:22) and "Do not conform to the pattern of this world" Romans 12-2). Those who appeal to the spiritual calling of purity and transformation cannot expect pseudo-Christians and the reprobate not to participate in displays of the unregenerate. Yes, a foolish Christian might be found among them, later to repent, but a spiritually dead person can never find fault with cultural paganism.

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    More thoughts on Feminism

    Thankfully, why wife refutes the godless tenets of feminism and rightly so. She knows that the feminist movement was largely influenced by the Eugenics movement and is at the forefront of population reduction efforts to exterminate "useless eaters".

    Those involved in the Feminist Movement may sincerely believe it is a political crusade to gain equality with men and gender rights, but instead they have been seduced. While feminists teach women to see themselves as oppressed, and then make sure to blame it all on men and patriarchal society. If you resist the movement, you are labeled as chauvinistic, bigoted, or just grossly ignorant--not understanding what feminists are all about.

    Some would say feminism is about basic human rights and that it's just a modern social movement. The truth is, the Feminist Movement is neither modern nor social in its origin. At its roots are ancient, highly religious elements that are rarely, if ever, mentioned. Contemporary Goddess spirituality draws inspiration from all the variations of earth-based religions, including Native American Spiritism, which isn't matriarchal at all. It also embraces European nature religions (especially witchcraft), Westernized Hinduism, Chinese Taoism, Japanese Shintoism, and Buddhism whose quest for self-realization and aversion for logic fits right in. All these influences are merging and multiplying in today's self-seeking, power-hungry, post-Christian Western culture. Goddess worship has become a major component of feminist activity all over the country. You will find many of these same women hugging their yoga mats while striving to release their inner goddess.

    Modern feminists are rediscovering the great goddess of the base ID. Certainly nothing can seem to lift a woman's self-esteem more than becoming a goddess. It vindicates the feminine in a universe where too much male principle seems to be operative. If the goal is judicial equality in society, then the same alternative must be applied to the cosmos. Followers of the goddess say that a male deity must be counterbalanced with a female counterpart. It only makes sense in an era of judicial egalitarianism. It also brings back androgyny. Gender ambiguity is found more prevalent in today's fashion as a statement of feminism.

    It is evident that the Feminist Movement has bought the oldest lie. The spirit of radical feminism is the spirit of witchcraft and rebellion, the spirit manifested in Jezebel. It is the spirit which rejects God's lawful order and authority and tries to usurp that authority to itself, as did the mother of humankind.


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