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  • Potter's House Christian Fellowship a cult

    Hi folks for a number of years i have been dealing in this area I can now say the Potter's house are a bonafide cult.

    the links are not to advertise any thing people need to be aware of how bad this group really is, we have them here in the UK.

    this group is not founded by T.D Jakes but Wayman Mitchell

    First Plumbline Apologetics ~ The potters house

    First Plumbline Apologetics ~ The Potters House Audio Video


    Marty Carnegie Potter's house pastor holds a gun from the pulpit Video by Firstplumbline - MySpace Video

    YouTube - Potters House Halloween Show

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    Recent comment from a PH member

    YouTube - godsplumbline's Channel

    4U2TakeBackAmerica (8 hours ago)

    I seen your video on CFM's Hunted House. You are a liar (and a faggot) because you did not mention that there is an alter call at the end and many people give their lives to Jesus. As a matter of fact you did not allow comments on the video because you knew people would dispute you claims. Why would a little queer do that? I guess it is sell explanitory.

    godsplumbline (51 seconds ago)

    The PH uses fear in order to make proselytes, we don't read one example of alter calls in the Bible, the alter calls used by the PH are a way of pressuring people into committing to CFM and later they are pressured into signing a covenant with the PH this is to ensure they would never leave and by doing so they brake covenant with God, Charles Finny was one of the first to use it, but many Cults adapt this as a tool, the foul words used by various PH members is typical as it reflects on the PH as a whole, and as a reason it is a movement that I would highly recommend people to stay away from.


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      Hi there, I needed to post a comment somewhere where people could gain confirmation about any of their suspicions regarding Potters House. My aim of this post is to help anyone feeling trapped or losing their joy of Christianity through this supposed church.

      I got saved in April 2014 and was accepted into the church with open arms, i thought this was strange but quite wonderful at first, i was helped and promised god had a special role for me. I went to church on a Sunday morning and attended bible study to increase my bible knowledge. Sounds okay so far doesn't it? Well after about 2 months I was pressured to attend twice on a Sunday which was running up my fuel bill by 120 miles a month and it was difficult to refuse as the pressure of god and my pastor were bearing down on me. Then we were pressured to attend outreach on Saturdays which my wife and i had very little time together with her supporting me on a part time job whilst i retrained at college. So by 3 months that was Sundays twice, Thursday evenings, then Saturdays and then all the conferences that last for days, and then the prayers at their house every morning (i refused) and then the concerts which we were encouraged to attend which were on Mondays plus fellowships.

      I was put under pressure by the pastor and his wife to quit college to become a pastor which he was told by god was my role in the church and i said no, this was not well received as was my questioning of their interpretation of the bible either. I was told not to have knowledge which is unbiblical as we are asked to question and test the teachers and this made my pastor angry. I watched him not heal anyone and blame the lack of healing on their faith. We went to increasingly creepy fellowship which became clearer that these were people to monitor us. We were asked to forsake family and friends for the church which isolates you from any outside influences and you feel trapped and dammed for every thought.

      I used to be a teacher and have qualifications in the double figures so when i start to research my mind is like a sponge and the more i questioned i noticed how ignorant long standing members knew little about the bible, even after 21 or more years. I had an arguement with my pastor and his wife about tribulation and suffering and he couldn't find his teaching for half an hour in the bible and his wife got angry and dismissed me having knowledge... he had been doing it for 18 years.

      My pastors wife took it upon herself to start checking up on us with drop ins to my wifes work and inviting herself round to our house when she felt fit. We were pressured to tithe which we could not afford either and I had problems with this as well and said it was no longer required by the bible and that i am broke all the time and he got angry again saying why has it worked for others then? (implying i had a lack of faith..again). My interpretation of the holy spirit and speaking in tongues makes no sense with PH thinking as an utterance does not mean babbling and tongues was used as a reference for other languages.

      Also what really got my goat as it were, was the continual reference to "god told me this and that" this is new revelation direct from god if it were true making him a prophet and they were always right biblically 100%, he is already wrong about me being a pastor and numerous other revelations. He also said that his healing powers sometimes work and sometimes don't? Did the apostles heal people 100% or only sometimes....I thought so.

      The final straw was telling my 24 year old friend at Potters House who has been given less than 12 months to live due to cancer who left the church to go and die without causing distress to anyone... her pastor said she would lose her way with god if she didn't keep going to church! What! How could anyone say that to a dying woman who will meet god very shortly and a good and brave christian even sleep at night.

      If you are stuck in this church it is cultic, oppressive, militant, ignorant and perverting the word of god. You need to leave this church as quickly as possible, if you are saved god allows you grace to learn and develop in your worship and when they put the holy spirit in you do you not think it is possible that after it inspired the bible writings that when he sees it corrupted wants you to leave, or alternatively you can suppress it until you become a mindless, pennyless drone with no knowledge of what you are doing or any insight to the grace of god. Go read your bible and have fellowship with other friends who are of the same thinking, follow the word of god and the fruit of gods word will blossom in you regardless of being in Potters House. According to them they are the only people going to heaven but you need knowledge and not to put your faith in paying money for god to pour his blessings on you, everything done in your life is gods will and grace and you cannot change his mind about how he does it by tithing, speaking in gibberish, or having continual supernatural powers.

      I have just scratched the surface to warn you and help you. Have a look at Strange fire conference on you tube which i found helpful and informative, Potters House has caused horrendous damage to many across the world and may also be a part of a larger corruption of Christianity in these troubled times. bless you
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        Hi all just a quick update since my last post regarding Potters House cult. My friend mentioned in the previous post has been given less time to live than first expected only a matter of 2 weeks ago. This was terrible news however she mentioned tonight that after her visit from Scotland to my house to see me and my wife she looked up all the information regarding Potters House and was truly upset by the amount of negative information. If this wasn't enough bad news her pastor from Glasgow Potters House who had been helping her has ceased any and all communication with her since she left the church. Now that she is well informed and her pastor did exactly what we said he would do she is truly upset and disappointed that the friends/fellowship she thought she had are meaningless and all the help and support she thought she had was little more than helping to keep her in the church and not a genuine friendship towards her as she is dying. Can someone please explain to me how this is even remotely Christian.

        There is hope for my friend though as i prayed that god would give her even the slightest hope for longer with us and a few days later we had an answered prayer. A surgeon in another part of Scotland has agreed to do surgery and there is a 60% chance of success which could mean that she will be with us for a long time rather than 12 weeks.

        The Potters House is a wicked corruption of the bible and the poorest excuse of a church i have ever had the misfortune of being part of. I am so aggrieved and righteously angry at the treatment and lies that i have to do something to stop it. The first item on my agenda is to put up a web forum specifically for people who are either thinking of leaving or have left. They will be able to communicate with other people and share their experiences to help others. This site will be to bring people together who have been damaged, left confused and angry to meet people with similar experiences and to find the joy in finding peace with god without the cultish control and guilt. I will also be taking activist action against my local church by handing out flyers on their outreach days to inform and discourage people from joining this terrible Christian cult. I hope this helps anyone reading this to see that even when all seems lost the power of prayer and belief can possibly mean the difference between life and death and once you have accepted Jesus Christ into your heart he will finish what he started and will always be with you as long as you have faith. Thanks


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