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    Below is a testimony provided by a friend of Discerning the Truth who wants to share their life-changing testimony.

    Written by Patrick Herr, July 20th, 2008

    My Personal Testimony,

    On Saturday, March 22, 2008 was the day I surrendered my life to the Lord Jesus and became a born again Christian. Early in 2008 I had an incident where my life was in danger. After many days of thinking it through I began to realize what would happen if I died. Would I go to Heaven or Hell? I became scared as I thought more and more about it. I needed answers as I began my quest to search for answers. I was at work browsing on the internet to find out more about the Lord Jesus and how I can go to heaven. I came upon Discerning the Truth website. After reading the section Accept Christ I began to realize what I had done wrong in my life. Even though I was a Christian most of my life, I did not know the truth. I didn’t know about sins or God’s will. I had the thinking that just by going to church I would go to heaven, but that wasn’t the case. I talked to my brother about the bible and he let me borrowed his. As I read the New Testament it made a lot of sense to me regarding why God the Father had sent the Lord Jesus to be born here on earth. I had watched many Jesus films and did not understand it but now it finally made sense.

    Later I prayed to the Lord (sinner’s prayer) and received him into my life. I asked him to forgive me of all my sins and filled me with his holy spirit as I wanted to repent and pursued his precious face. Giving my life to the Lord was the best thing I ever did. I often thought why didn’t I surrender my life to the Lord early in my life. I remember when I prayed to the Lord Jesus and asked him to free me from the evil one and help me make sins my slave, I felt something inside of me that I had never felted before in my life. I felted like a new person and was very happy to the point where I could laugh out loud. It was a good feeling. The more I became closer to the Lord Jesus, the more faith I had in him. I gave him everything I had. I gave him all my worries, sorrow, and pain. He is my strength and life. He is the light that pulled me out of the darkness.

    Now I look forward to going to church and pray everyday thanking God for saving me. I had watched a video called "23 minutes in Hell" by Bill Wiese and it terrifies me. I will always remember what Bill had said in that video. He said “all good things come from God the Father and when you’re in hell, you are separated from God”. The Bible makes me trembles when I read about hell. I thank God for giving me a chance to repent. The more I got to know the Lord, the more love I have for him and I thank him everyday of my life for what he did for me at Calvary’s Cross.

    I remember going to my first worship at church. I had always wanted to pray/speak in tongues but didn’t know how. I often pray to the Lord to teach me how to speak in tongues. On that day during worship, I asked the Lord to baptize me with the Holy Spirit and teach me to speak in tongues. As I was sitting there with my hands up I began to speak in tongues. I was very happy and joyful. I could not believe I was actually speaking in tongues. That was one of the happiest days of my life. Praise the Lord God Almighty!

    There were times when the devil would try to deceive me. One such occasion was when I was telling one of my fellow employees about how I gave my life to the Lord Jesus. It was later that day when the devil attacked my mind. He deceived me, saying that I wasn’t good enough to go to heaven. I felt every sad and it hurt me a lot. The next morning when I woke up I didn’t pray as I usually would every morning. I was helping my dad work on the house when something in my heart said that I should go pray because the Lord is waiting for me to pray. Being still sad and confused I didn’t pray. That day I thought that if I wasn’t good enough I might as well sin. Later towards the evening I decided to pray to the Lord. The next day I went to work and I felt like I had lost something inside my heart. That day I missed the Lord very much and I cried most of the day. I pray to the Lord and asked for forgiveness and for him to help strengthen me to overcome the devil and sins. The Lord heard me and I felt my heart was filled again. The emptiness inside my heart had been filled with something. I knew the Lord was inside my heart again. I learned that as a child of the Lord, he will discipline his children if they had committed sins or are disobedient.

    Looking back at my life I realized how sinful I was and how sinful the world has become. No matter if I am struggling through life or successful I will always praise and give thanks to the Lord for he is my God. He is my creator and father. I will always love and praise him forever. I look forward to be with him in his kingdom and glory, praise, and love him forever. I had found what I was searching for all through out my life. Now that I had found him I will follow and serve him forever. Anything is possible with God. Amen.

    A Brother in Christ,

    Patrick Herr
    Police Officer

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