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    Over the last few years I have more and more become aware of the separation of the Church into various groups. What I mean is the men only breakfast, women only prayer, leader only, single only, business men only, 18-25 year only, married only week-ends, full time ministry only etc type of meetings. I tend to think this causes us to separate more than bond together.
    I understand to a degree that there is sometimes an ''only'' type meeting is required but when it becomes permanent does it not cause division of sorts.
    As Paul says- Gal 3:28 There cannot be Jew nor Greek, there is no slave nor freeman, there is no male and female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
    I have much to learn from single's, married, widow, business, young, old, rich etc and feel that much could be learned if these type of meetings/ministries were open to all as much as possible.
    You might say can you not fellowship with these outside the church but I have found that this type of group exclusion exists outside as well.
    Do not the young and the old, rich and the poor, single and married, male and female have much to learn from each other.
    Even in the family home, do the parents eat separately from the children. Do the female's pray outside while the male's pray upstairs. We don't have this type of separation in the Godly home.
    So why do we have it in the Godly home of Church. Are we one big family or just a collection of little one's.
    Has this type of separation except on Sunday morning service's caused us to be divided and conquered.
    Would not the world be left speechless when they see young adults fellowship outside with widowers or the youth actually sitting with their parents, or the wealthy dining outside with the poor of the Church or the professional's fellowship with the lowly.

    So what are your views please. Are my observations wrong.
    God bless.

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