My thoughts are related to the Simple Church, Christian Gypsies and the value of collective, unified and even institutional presence in the world.

I enjoy this website and refer it to others. I recognize the old-school church's failings. God has called my wife and I out of a non-denom, to serve at an old Baptist church to advance the return of christendome to the Lordship of Christ. I am more concerned with the lack of accountability of the Christian publishing and music industries. The stardom and embracing of sin in the life of Amy Grant is just one sad story among many.

One report refers to Christian Gypsies. In the UK Gypsies as a nation are unsupported and lack a national voice and fall prey to an unaccountable mafia. Satan is working on both ends: strangled institutions AND divided, ineffective lone rangers. He is also working sterile, loveless truth against unmoored instinctive feelings. Thanks for all your hard work in documenting the good, the bad and the ugly of modern church! We wil pray with you for worship in Spirit and in Truth!