I've just arrived from my Saturday biblical class with small children in a village nearby and am alone at the moment. My parents and everyone else is out in the countryside for a church meeting.

What has happened in our church is strange, to say the least. The brother that left our congregation said he did this because he was not happy with our pastor, he found many faults in him and so he would just not stand this anymore. As I've read our Lord's word, I would suppose this was a good reason to leave a congregation, but instead, that we should take advantage of such a situation to pray for humilty, meekness and a way to learn to bear my brother.

In any case, he didn't do that, and what is worst, he said his reasons right in the pulpit, one day that he was supposed to preach!!!! I was not present but he said he was feeling this way against the pastor, and he pastor was THERE.

My mom said she felt so terribly hurt and sorry for the pastor, he seemed so shocked.

So anyway, this is in brief what happened. I've been observing this and not doing anything except praying for our ex-brother (I don't know if he's attending other church) and for other brothers and sister who might leave as well because this is like a cancer... it's reaching far and contaminating more people.

This brother has two daughters who are my friends. One is married to our Choir director, and he has just told us that he will no longer be our director... she's not coming anymore and I would guess she influenced her husband somehow to stop attending our church. The other daughter is single but is going to get married in October and we are also guessing her husband-to-be will also stop coming.

What would you suggest that I do with my friends? They have stopped any contact with anyone, even me. I would love to talk to them and help somehow... I don't know truly what to do so I pray that the Holy Spirit guides their conscience. I've already sent a written message about forgiveness and not going against authority... but what else...

Ok my friend, I didn't intend this to be so long, I don't want to bother you, but I felt I could ask. It's such a blessing to be able to share this with you though!