I wouldn’t necessarily classify the pasted commentary as more biblical in the sense of reality. This writer is discounting all potential spiritual encounters as demonic? A person has to be careful when drinking in all that is promoted on the internet. Equally so, one has to be discerning in the Spirit from what is taught from within the church. Many Christians box themselves into a traditional mindset of doctrines taught by men, but it doesn't weigh in the balances against reality. As a writer, long ago I was warned never to use absolutes and certainties in matters foreign to me, for as soon as I did, I would find myself in error. I would say the above author doesn’t have this understanding, for their position is doctrinally exposited with absolutes, in an area where they would have no earthly idea what they are talking about.

It is easy to proof doctrine any position, given enough time and study, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is true. I have heard homosexual give profound justification for their sin. I recently listened to a highly revered seminary professor dogmatically claim the cessation of the spiritual gifts of manifestation. A trained Jehovah Witness can easily proof text a weak Christian into submission. I don't agree with all of the above pasted content because I like many others have experienced personal encounters that are not psychotic episodes, delusions of grandeur or ravenous demons. Equally, the scriptures pasted in as proof doctrines do not properly support their argument either.

This position is a teaching from the evangelical far right, parroted by those whose theology is based on conformity rather than reality. The traditions of the church can be likened to a wooden plank placed over living plants. In a week, you will return to find the plants that once reached for the Sun, now are pushed into the dirt. The once vibrant colors of green are slowly becoming pale with the color of death. In a month, you will find the plant life is fully expired, replaced by insects who thrive in darkness. This is the nature of any institution that is suppressed by the traditions of men. Like many of the denominations, they started in the power of the Holy Spirit, but after the corruption of those who perceive truth by the intellect (flesh), are now merely hollow echoes of its former self.

Although I cannot deny some of what is said, the one sentence I can certainly agree with is “Sadly, instead of seeking the truth about the spirit world by communing with God and studying His Word, many people allow themselves to be led astray by the spirit world.” Any Christian’s obsession with spiritual entertainment, UFO’s and ET’s are completely on a tangent, far from what Christ would persuade. Should not we rather invest our inquisitive nature to a deeper abiding with the Master? Should not our hunger be centered on the edification of others in the Power of the Holy Spirit? God have mercy on your sheep. Turn us back to you by means of your Holy Spirit. Convict us of our wanderings, move us rather into dedicated intimacy with only you. For the things of this earth will pass away, but he who seeks the Lord shall abide forever.