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    Open Discussion

    This section of this forum is open for any type of discussion regarding the New Age movement. Whether you are an opponent or proponent, please drop your egg in the basket

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    by their fruits

    Before I was born again, I was a "new ager" type. I believed in reincarnation and that everyone was basically on their own path to find God. Once I gave my life to Christ, I wanted to win every new ager in the world to Him! I thought they were deceived by satan, following the 'angel of light' that was nothing more than a snare. My heart was in the right place, wanting to snatch them out of it. But I noticed that the way I went about it rarely produced results. Many of my new age friends told me that I was 'nicer' before I became born again. That was about 20 years ago. I still have new age friends and I am more open minded to their beliefs, and I can relate to many of them because of my past. But they have told me that Christians turn them off because they are so un-accepting of others who don't believe the way they do. They say that if you are to know people by their fruits, that new agers have more love in their hearts. Wow! What a wake up call to Christians to love their new age friends and not be so judgmental. It is the quiet Spirit in us asking them, "why do you prefer crystals when you have Jesus knocking at your door ready to give you the riches of the Kingdom?" and "Why do turn to psychics with no proven track record when you have the Spirit of God ready to guide you into all truth?" The fact is, new agers have some things wrong, but they also have some things right, just as Christians do! How many times have we abandoned old beliefs for new realizations? And their heart is to find God. So if we LOVE them, let them see Jesus in us LOVING them... and God will do whatever else is necessary. If they are truth seekers, they will ask, and it will be given them.

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    Witness in the Spirit of Love

    That is an exceptional testimony and hits the target extremely well regarding the challenge in sharing the gospel in love and truth. I know too well the challenges in witnessing and have had to learn the hard way. I can be a purist and get too consumed with the position and loose sight of the love and acceptance. Dealing with homosexuals, crack addicts and street people has helped tremendously over the years. Christ never focused on the sin or deception; he was consumed with the soul worthy of redemption. A person who is aware of their depraved condition, like an alcoholic, is easier to work with than a New Ager who is fully convinced they are gods and that they have the fullness of God already in them. Unlike the brazen sinner, the New Age mystic is controlled with an occult power the binds the spiritual eyes. Now for the Gospel Truth. It is not our place to convince people that Christ is the answer, salvation is a gift of grace, a supernatural event. We are to declare the Truth while expecting the mightly working of Godís miraculous power. Yes, it is not only enough to speak Truth, a witness must expect Godís power to manifest in a manner completely tailored to the occasion. In the book of Acts, those who spoke expected a move from Godís spirit as a testimony. As the old covenant was closed by the finished work of Christ, the tapestry in the Holy of Holies was rent in two. In the same manner, in order for any soul to grasp the salvation found in Jesus, the blinders covering the perception (eyes) of their souls must be pulled away. It is not by shear intellectual effort, it is the power of God. We are to speak forth the truth in boldness, but in loving acceptance. The power of Godís truth will not go forth in vain, even if we cannot see the effect. However, there are many souls who will never open to truth of salvation through Christ. As the parable teaches about the sower of the seeds, only one in four maintained the truth and prospered in Godís genuine truth. I must admit, as a business owner, many non-Christians are better clients than those professing Christ. Many Christians are hardened in their theology and become staunch legalists who offend the listener. They have not been groomed in the non-judgmental love in the admonition of the Spirit, but fed on a legalistic religious system of ďright or wrongĒ. As you aptly said Tracea, LOVE is the ultimate key to any souls enlightment. Thanks for your comments... it was refreshing!

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    Good points

    I just wanted to add something that's been helpful to me (especially since I'm well aware that my own understanding has had its ups and downs and will continue to have its ups and downs)...

    It's very humbling to remember that we can be sowing the seeds in a way that is spiritually guided -- without knowing it -- and without feeling that we've said the truths we thought were important to say -- the Spirit of God is wise and compassionate and can lead us to be somewhere in the right place, the right time, doing or saying the right thing, and THAT might become instrumental in some way.

    With one person, that seed might be 'well I was into occultism, and I'm not sure what's going on, but I had problems, you see, and I don't believe what you or others believe, a lot of Christians would think I'm still in grave error, that's ok, but I've found that the concerns of some Christians about the occult are valid, and I think it's easy to get distracted from seeking truth and love and humility, and stuck in other things that are materialistic or deceptive.' -- with another person the seed might be 'well I was into that stuff, and I'm still into stuff people disagree with, but I do know that Christ is real and spiritual, and beyond us, and that Christ can save us.' -- and with another person the seed might just be SILENTLY listening, while with another person that seed might be 'Look, Jesus is way more important than any occult technique -- this world is messed up, our sin has played it's part in the messup, and Jesus is the answer to save us from this mess, it's that simple'

    One person might think of what I say simply as the basic born-again message, another might think of me as an occultist or mystic with admiration for traditional orthodox teachings about Christ, and another might just think 'gee isn't it great people can listen and show concern without being bossy'

    IT DOESN'T MATTER that I don't say everything that I think is true or important for someone else to here, I'm imperfect and God knows it, but God can guide me and it's really about God.

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    Witnessing in the Spirit

    I agree with you Carl. I share your experiences and have learned to trust the Spirit of God to do the work. Sometimes I think my efforts are in vain and that nothing is happening, but when a person confesses Christ and accepts God's plan for salvation, then the harvest is joyful. As a servant, we are engaged in all manner of processes in accordance to His divine plan. One plants while another waters and yet another reaps. I have been used more for the first two than the latter, but I am not complaining

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    I found the byzantine icon of theotokos here not realizing it was a New Age website. This is in total opposition to the Catholic faith (i am a devout Catholic) - afraid that the images are a lure.

    You cannot be Catholic and New Age anymore than you can be Wiccan and Catholic. This is a grave sin.

    You are welcome to stop by our forum and discuss this.

    Non-Catholics get the wrong idea when they see this stuff. I assure you New Age is NOT Catholic! Your site is misleading.

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    Passing Judgement without Facts

    Boxerpaws... Please take time and read the content instead of judging without knowing the facts. is widely known as a site revealing the delusive nature of the New Age, a clear opponent of the system in every possible way. There is nothing, absolutely nothing on the website that would imply otherwise. Please review everything carefully before jumping to conclusions. A brother in Christ. Thanks!

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    my apologies

    I read some of the posts - or rather misread some of the posts and jumped to conclusions. I thought for a minute this was one of those "Catholic" sites that are New Age and attempting to mislead people.

    I owe you a HUGE apology. I came here because i was looking for an icon of Theotokos and found the desktop background here of Theotokos. I misread some of the posts and was certain 'here we go again.'

    I am truly sorry for the accusation you didn't deserve. I go ballistic when I run across these New Ages sites that use the title Catholic. This wasn't deserving of the attack I launched. Jumped the gun.

    I can hardly blame you for being even a little upset with me - even angry. Can we start over?

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    No anger what-so-ever Boxerpaws. Absolutely we can start over... actually there is nothing to start over, we are good from the first post I knew it was a matter of impression, that once you had content exposure, you would realize Eternal Path is on the side of light For anyone to briefly skim the website and the button titles, I could see how one might think it was promoting New Age propaganda, whereas many topics from that ancient satanic system are listed. Thanks for coming back, the door is always open wide

    When I see New Age sites, I am slightly appalled, but do not go ballastic as you say. We have to love the deluded and prayerfully assist them to see the light. Many, most even, will not. However, I do have testimonies, including one on the website, from those set free from the dark principalities of this realm. I receive emails weekly from either conversions or edification by those nearly captivated or struggling to be set free.

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    Catholics 'posing' as New Age

    We are on the same page but I still go ballistic when I see a New Age site listed as Catholic.

    This causes scandal on top of everything else... there is enough anti-Catholic material out there. This helps no one. Not Catholics (who MIGHT be misled), non Catholics who believe we're the whore of babylon as it is, non-Catholics who don't know about the faith and this does harm there. On top of people being led astray into this stuff period. So to me, having it say "Catholic" is even more appalling. I agree with you totally in everything you said. i probably should try not to go ballistic. You are right

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