"Christianity Today" writes about Bill Hybels, discussing the failures of his adopted methods and his response to this discovery. CLICK HERE to read. This repentence includes debunking Rick Warren's purpose driven life and it's worldy philophosies.

The "informed" church was excited about this repentence, but in the end, Willow Creek has not chosen to return to Christ's message, but still cranks their machines for numbers. It refused to relinquish worldly idealologies of missional living and contemplative meditation found in Eastern mysticm. Men and women trained at Willow Creek go forth in a militant fashion to plant churches to duplicate these heresies. The niave are easily duped by this "other gospel."

"Way of the Master" now has a video replacing their audio message, used to debunk the Emergent Trend: CLICK HERE to watch .

The conflict of the faith has never been the world system, but its own operating under the veil of ignorance. The same spirit that rejected Christ by the prominent religious leaders of that day is the same spirit of inquity empowed within the wayward institution. A true prophet is quickly rejected and scorned, the false prophets are quickly embraced and adored. Enter in the Emergent Church and its popular leaders.

A great apostacy is foretold to occur before Christ's return. It is evident that the time draws nigh, even at the door.

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