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    By Kimberly Yam | huffingtonpost

    Love is love, and this congregation embraced that.

    Trevor Harper and Davis Covin, who have been dating for nine years, are active members of the First United Methodist Church of Austin in Texas. Harper proposed to Covin at the church earlier this month in front of the congregation — a moment which was captured in a video and shared on YouTube.

    The congregation responded to the magical moment in the best way possible — with a standing ovation. We must say, we’d totally be lying if we didn’t tear up a bit ourselves while watching the proposal.

    Harper told BuzzFeed News that the couple’s church, which they’ve belonged to for two years, has been supportive of the pair’s relationship and welcome people of all sexual orientations to attend. When Harper proposed, the pair had actually been sharing the story of their faith during the service, according to the video.

    While clergy belonging to the Methodist church aren’t permitted to perform same-sex marriages, Harper said that his pastor, the Reverend John Wright — who helped plan the moment — thought the proposal in front of the congregation was a great way to celebrate the pair’s love, BuzzFeed reported. The couple hopes that the church will allow them to hold their wedding ceremony there by the time they plan to get married in 2016.
    There is no longer a blurry line in many churches now, in fact there is no longer a line at all. The essential problem with this is the Bible has been shredded in favor of humanities base nature. Either a person acknowledges the whole revealed counsel of God or refutes it by ignoring clear messages coming from it. A genuine Christian cannot pick and choose what to observe or believe. This is a fundamental, absolute, and uncontestable cardinal tenant of the faith: Sola Scriptura. The Bible is the supreme authority in all matters of doctrine and practice. The ramifications of these allowances will result in penalties that cannot be currently measured (1 Cor. 5:11).

    Two of the essentials of the Catholic Church I appreciate in particular is that it necessitates the laity and congregates to follow the ecclesia of one central hierarchy. While this also can allow a usurping dictatorship of corruption as history reveals, it is an accountability dynamic that is woefully missing from Protestant polity. Second, Protestants are allowed to arrive at their own brand of systematic theology, thus the 33,000 different denominations currently existing, each slightly different from the next, sometime excessively different and completely unbiblical. With no definable cohesive order, no appeal to a magistrate, no accountability except for one’s own isolated model, pseudo-cults run amuck. It is really that bad... I am an autonomous evangelical, not Protestant, per se, but close enough to feel the burn.

    I do have to point out that the ecumenical Pope Francis has some serious theological fallout, when it comes to sound doctrine. Just one example: .... Apparently what the Pope doesn't understand is that the Scripture is rife with examples of discriminating between sinful lifestyles and righteousness. Jesus did in fact eat at the tax collectors home as the progressives like to highlight, but they fail to note that he didn't extend a blessing over Matthew's encroaching work at collecting taxes for Rome by oppression and force. Instead Matthew revealed his change of heart by transformation and restitution. Jesus is not whimsical sin winker, instead when Jesus healed the man by the pool, he said to go and sin no more or something worse may happen to you. Instead of being thankful, the ingrate rushed to the Pharisees and revealed who Jesus was to gain a sense of retaliation for his warning. Such are those today, rather than penance, raise a reactionary stance against those who speak the truth and warn of the impending wrath at the door.

    I have had discussions with believers about attending a gay wedding... It is one thing to love others, including those who pursue perverse lifestyles, winebibbers, prostitutes, etc. which is measurably different than knowingly celebrating a sinful lifestyle laden with accolades of gifts and congratulations. Or hanging out with drinking buddies who have no affinity for the things of God. The idea of being a missionary by affiliation with sinners as buddies is simply unbiblical, but now widely taught and practiced by the Social Gospel model. May it never be! A little leaven causes the whole lump to rise. Paul quotes in 2 Cor. 6:17 the passage from Isaiah 52:11 which is that same as God saying it again for clarification, "Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you." God's Spirit will not abide in impure or tainted vessels, those who knowingly align themselves with heathen activities and pursuits. The person may be saved as by a threads width, but be unusable and hapless failures in the faith, although they may not think so. As a Christian, purity is essential for His abiding presence as a viable servant! If we want power for service we have to seek purity for presence. There are no exceptions or effective arguments to subjugate this fact.

    The Popes famous "who am I to judge" remark on the subject was a political sidestep to appease the faithful. While the Protestant church is seriously faltering, the Pope's ecumenical stance is painting the Catholic Church apostate gray. Faith venues of every stripe is heaving under the oppression of a faltering post-Christian society that loves free-will pleasure over submissive holiness. Christianity simply does not compute in the West, at least not the authentic selfless model Christ left for us as an example.

    I personally would not insist that a gay person should live in the closet, nor as an exile in society, not at all. BUT it is unsettling when gay people profane the Church with a spectacle of their perverse preferences in the sanctuary of God, nor is it okay for them to oppress those who do not accept their choice. But what is discussed about the article is not about the wretched gays as it would seem, rather it isn't their fault! I don't blame the gays for the churches condition; it is the church that is fault. It is the declination of the institution that has lost its moral fiber of holiness in exchange for a loin cloth of impurity of every vestige. It is from the perspective of being a new creature, that sheds the fallen deeds of the flesh, that finds the horror of reprobates in the place where what should stand the holy. It is alluded to as 'the abomination that causes desolation', where what was reserved for divine works is reduced to the celebration of perversion. It is this time, this society, that the clock of humanity is extended to the 13th hour, past due for what is to come.

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    Incredible how powerful deceit can be over those who claim to know our Lord Jesus Christ.

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