The video express truth for the most part, but I have always found problems with Pipers theology, especially after reading his book "Desiring God." His axioms and quotable clichés often create reaffirming head nods even though the thought does not quite square with Scripture. For example he ends the video saying "God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in Him, in the midst of loss—not prosperity." To be honest I agree more with his first question. "Why is God more glorified in me in the midst of loss than he is in the midst of joy?" His final summation is man-centered, not God-centered. God being glorified is not dependent on our satisfaction, where in his statement, the polarity is reversed and it becomes about us, not about Him. Let me explain better.

God is not glorified in us because of our circumstances, rather loss or prosperity. He is not glorified in us whether we suffer much or little. The only circumstances of life where we glorify God is when we acknowledge that we must have the Lord or we are undone, hopeless and lost. "Satisfaction" is a vaunting of the flesh, "empty" is place for the Spirit. My problem with Piper’s statement is what about those who suffer little and yet walk humbly with God. Is He any less glorified through them? Piper’s logic fails to arrive at the throne free of the base thinking of man.

Note: This post is not filed under "False Teachers and Cults" to associate John Piper as a false teacher. While his theology is often found wanting, I think the larger portion of his teaching is acceptable.