A gentleman wrote:

"I'm actually trying to write a book (usually I start and then give up) that includes this very concept and even my own interpretation as to why divorce is only allowed for adultery, and not for physical abuse."

My response in overview:

“The Creator's own tenacious patience, mercy and longsuffering in a relationship is based on a spiritual law of "continuance" that we are confronted by in marriage, or really any relationship. However, this same spiritual attribute should not be confused with justice. The holy demands judgment of the unholy, and the result is separation... this too is a spiritual law.

Selfish and ungrateful people comprise a throwaway society. The minute something doesn't work, it immediately gets tossed out, and a replacement is obtained. While poor nations will eat with a broken bowl, others would not consider it. Why keep what is broken? Of course, we morally can replace a broken item if feasible, but there is large difference between discarding a physical item and a living soul.

I look around and note that many people (Christians) are married for reason of desperation, convenience, for children, by pressure of family, for any number of reasons that fail to align with the correct reasons. For not observing "truth" we choose in error and then wish to flee when the effect of the cause comes rushing in? Because our base nature observes the rule of self preservation - fight or flight. When it gets too hard, run. Fleeing responsibility, the moral or spiritual man does not consider. The truth deems that we have an obligation to our choice, right or wrong, to remain in that marriage and suffer through it if that is the case.

When two souls become one through intercourse, they create a soul tie. Even if separated, that soul tie is still intact, thus the reason for adultery if the partner's seek another, accept by reason of infidelity. If one partner has a sexual encounter outside their mate, the act breaches the soul tie, but still does not dissolve the binding union. While divorce is permissible, the law of continuance would strive for restitution.

But in the matter of physical abuse, that presents the peril of death, it is clearly the Creator's heart to depart in favor of preservation. Not all things are written in Scripture, but sufficient truth is presented to provide wisdom to discern all matters. But again, such a separation does not allow remarriage. Abuse or not, the soul tie is intact, the marriage is a bond. This is not fair one might say. Much is not fair in life when one only seeks self interest. If we don't comprehend life, we will only see confusion. Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes. That's one child every five seconds. What is fair about that? We were born in a fallen realm, there are no guarantees. Obey the truths revealed in Scripture, and increase the experience and value of your existence. However, death is around the corner for all, just a matter of when and how.”