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Thread: Old Testament Claims

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    Old Testament Claims

    We have a visiting healer coming to my Country claiming to have a ''Double Anointing''.-2Ki 2:9
    Seems to be a regular thing that some use Old Testament terms to legitimize their Ministry's while lacking in New Testament example's or teaching.
    Some other terms used that seem to be on the increase are ''Shield bearer'' i.e. Someone who assists a Leader-1Sa 17:41, and declaring a specific time as '' The Year of Jubilee''-Lev 25:13
    I do not accept these terms as there is no New Testament evidence to back up these claims.
    I understand that some who use these terms are deceivers while others may be deceived or just not grounded in the Scriptures.
    It seems that there is a lot of confusion concerning which promise's and command's of the Old Testament apply to the New Testament believer and which do not.

    God Bless
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