Your right Mysticism sounds non-Christian and thus one could say it is. Why do we allow others to get us on a rabbit trail and worry if we are allowing Christians to be involved in magical things not of Christ? I suppose it is an important topic but not one to worry about. The mystical part of the Christian walk has been as spiritual things really happening to earthly people. Real worship is in "spirit".

Being born again is an unseen spiritual thing. Jesus walks in the spiritual unseen world. Unseen by natural man. The Father sits high and lifted up on his "spiritual world’s throne. Angels come and go, and are seen by man then disappear. If we think about it from the earthly view, it sounds somewhat magical, mystical, and spiritual.

The thing for Christians is for us to know the original Jesus and his kingdom so we will be able to see the counterfeit. We have to learn to walk in the light and then this will be better explained to others and to ourselves. The closer we walk with Jesus the more he will show us that are not from him.

An example - let's say we have dirt on our hands and we enter into a pitch black room - we can't see the dirt - if we turn on a small light we can see some dirt - we wash and it looks good - we turn on a brighter light and now we can see dirt again - we wash again - we then turn on a brighter light and we can still see some dirt around the finger nails - ... The closer we get to the light the more our sins will be revealed and if we confess our sins we will be shown other things that are sin in our lives. We become enlightened and shown a lamp unto our feet... A person that continues in the light will have that light begin to be seen thru their eyes and then then a sphere would be in place.

Just like Adam and Eve had a sphere around them and when they sinned the light went out by death and they could see themselves as naked (Unwalled and unprotected) as seen in Proverbs 29:18 the word perish means the same word of being unprotected and unwalled. That person and could be able to be seen by others as looking different and can be thought of as some kind of preacher just by entering into a room and not saying a word. This would apply to that comment about walking in the light. Another reason for this is for another reason. I noticed a comment about walking in the light, which is ("Hebrew") being enlightened. In all cases we are allowed to enter into a sphere or realm of Jesus' name, which allows protection from outside sources, while in this sphere of protection... An example would be if you are having a particular long series of attacks on you from satin's work against you, you could find peace in Jehovah Shalom by entering into his name. This sphere of enlightening has a real job offered to Christians who seek rest or are walking in Jesus and not having to worry about protection from attacks. A non-Christian person would look at this as some kind of magical work.

I think the choice of words is important if you are going to do a study about a topic. Mystic can be forced applied to a part of Christian way of life. Choice of words...

All that said the bottom line is "yes" this word applies but in context using the proper choice of words. Satin can only copy words and conditions, as the Lord is the only original creator of all things. Satan can trick you with one choice of word. Just ask Eve.

I really do not know where to stop elaborating on different topics and hope you will forgive this choppy writing. I think mysticism can be seen in the world but not much of it is Christian related.

You can paint a pigpen white but it is still a pigpen.

Norm Lower