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Directory Topics Posts Last Post
Abstract Reasoning Section
Wordpress Reposts
Popular posts and insightful commentary from Chris' Wordpress blog.
Topics: 17 Posts: 49
Last Post: Equality in Christ
17 49
Discerning Truth Announcements
Notes from Pastor S. E. Ray
A number of inspired messages and general information about the purpose of the forum.
Topics: 12 Posts: 16
Last Post: Age of Anxiety
12 16
by SERay
Reader Testimonies
Personal Testimonies from Friends and Readers
Topics: 6 Posts: 6
6 6
General Discussions
Miscellanious topics not listed below.
Topics: 16 Posts: 40
16 40
Word of the Cross Studies
Series of Topical Home Group Bible Studies as presented, in outline form. Freely shared without restrictions.
Topics: 20 Posts: 43
20 43
by SERay
Popular Theological Discussions
Tithing and Donations
What is a Christians responsibility in supporting the local church and missions.
Topics: 1 Posts: 1
1 1
Favorite Books for Spiritual Growth
Readers submit their cherished authors. What books enhance you spiritually?
Topics: 2 Posts: 24
2 24
Hell and Torment
What is Hell and is it a subject to bring up when sharing the gospel?
Topics: 3 Posts: 6
3 6
The Holy Spirit
Any subject related to the Holy Spirit
Topics: 7 Posts: 17
7 17
by Travis
How Does Good and Evil Exist?
Is Good Really the Absence of Evil?
Topics: 3 Posts: 7
3 7
by SERay
The Rite of Baptism
Is baptism required for salvation? Many questions can be asked about baptism.
Topics: 4 Posts: 19
4 19
The Holy Trinity
It is difficult to grasp how three distinct and unique positions can be one.
Topics: 3 Posts: 17
3 17
Praying and Fasting
What exactly is praying in the spirit and the proper way to conduct fasting?
Topics: 3 Posts: 7
3 7
by SERay
Anointing With Oil
Discussions about the scriptural teaching regarding this subject.
Topics: 1 Posts: 3
1 3
Discussing scriptural revelation about God's judgments and our judgments about others and ourselves,
Topics: 7 Posts: 15
7 15
by SERay
Justified by Faith
Discussions about what the scriptures teach regarding justificaiton by faith.
Topics: 6 Posts: 30
6 30
Walking in the Holy Spirit
A Christian is marked by the seal, but what about the daily walking in the Spirit?
Topics: 9 Posts: 35
9 35
The Difficult Teachings in Scripture
There are many passages in scripture that are confusing or result in misinterpretation.
Topics: 14 Posts: 40
14 40
by SERay
As important as being able to Love fully, this is equally as hard to do... fully.
Topics: 5 Posts: 11
5 11
Who Is God?
Discussions on the Creator, personal attributes and existence.
Topics: 6 Posts: 24
6 24
by SERay
Is Jesus Christ God?
Was Christ only a man, the son of God or actually God incarnate?
Topics: 4 Posts: 5
4 5
by SERay
Who is the Anti-Christ?
Scripture gives us notice of a man who will incarnate Lucifer. How shall be know him?
Topics: 3 Posts: 9
3 9
by SERay
When is Jesus Coming Back?
Did Jesus provide any indications and what are the signs?
Topics: 7 Posts: 22
7 22
by Dianna
Inerrancy of Scriptures
Are the Canon of Scriptures inerrant? Is the Bible perfectly written, without flaw?
Topics: 8 Posts: 39
8 39
Eucharist or Communion
There are primarily two views on the Lord's Supper, although other variants exist.
Topics: 1 Posts: 1
1 1
Local and World Missions
Discussions on evangelical missions, both locally and worldwide.
Topics: 1 Posts: 1
1 1
by SERay
Issues in the Church
Catholics and Protestants
What is the difference between these faiths?
Topics: 4 Posts: 12
4 12
by SERay
Movements within the Church
Types of church including Home Church, Emerging Church, Missional, Purpose Driven.
Topics: 6 Posts: 14
6 14
Once Saved Always Saved
Many people believe if you confess Christ, you are preserved for heaven no matter what. Is this true or scriptural interpretation gone wrong?
Topics: 5 Posts: 26
5 26
by SERay
Trusting God in Difficult Times
Do I wait on God and pray during times of need or is there more to faith?
Topics: 8 Posts: 42
8 42
Faith Verses Reason
Can we through skillfully managed arguments, win converts to Christ?
Topics: 3 Posts: 4
3 4
Should Women Be Allowed to Teach?
Not allowing women to teach or lead has been a accepted for centuries, but is it correct?
Topics: 1 Posts: 2
1 2
by SERay
Fellowship with Unbelievers
How is a Christian to interrelate with unbelievers? What does scripture teach and what lines are drawn?
Topics: 2 Posts: 11
2 11
Controversial Teachers
Discussion about popular leaders/teachers whose messages are subject to controversy.
Topics: 4 Posts: 13
4 13
Offenses in the Church
What does it mean when one is offended in the church? What is the biblical standard for these occasions?
Topics: 7 Posts: 17
7 17
by SERay
Dancing in the Church
While some insist it is proof of being Spirit filled, it is actually a theologically acceptable practice?
Topics: 3 Posts: 15
3 15
Christian without Church Attendence?
Can one profess to be in Christ yet not attend church or a gathering of believers?
Topics: 2 Posts: 19
2 19
What is the meaning of this subject, which has little press or explaination to be found?
Topics: 3 Posts: 10
3 10
by KathyA
False Teachers and Cults
Discussions about current false teachers and rising cults.
Topics: 18 Posts: 69
18 69
Laying Out Fleece / Casting of Lots
Should a Christian under the Covenant of Grace seek signs from God?
Topics: 2 Posts: 6
2 6
Controversial Subjects
Jesus Is The Only Way
Comments about scriptural dogma on Jesus being the only way to God
Topics: 3 Posts: 6
3 6
Capital Punishment
Is the death penalty or execution by judicial process for retribution a mandate from God?
Topics: 3 Posts: 7
3 7
Christian Mysticism
Discussing the varients of mysticism, which is benevolent and what is manevolent.
Topics: 5 Posts: 16
5 16
Politics and the Faith
The thread tries to limit political assessments against scriptural evidence less personal bias.
Topics: 3 Posts: 14
3 14
by SERay
Evolution vs Creationism
Any comments regarding old earth and new earth thought
Topics: 4 Posts: 16
4 16
Is Israel Replaced by Christianity?
There is a teaching that Christians have assumed Israel's position as God’s chosen.
Topics: 2 Posts: 6
2 6
Dooms Day 2012
Comments about Mayan astrological calendar and end time prediction
Topics: 1 Posts: 5
1 5
Goulish Entertainment
Should a Christian consume content related to spirits and death?
Topics: 1 Posts: 11
Last Post: What About Ghosts?
1 11
by SERay
UFO's, Aliens, and Nephilim
Are these mentioned in Scriptures and what do they have to do with Christianity?
Topics: 1 Posts: 8
1 8
by SERay
Is it a behavior or orientation? How should we respond to a person of this persuasion?
Topics: 8 Posts: 71
8 71
Would God Allow a Child Sacrifice?
Discussion may make references to Abraham and Jephthah.
Topics: 1 Posts: 1
1 1
The Crucifixion
The are several different views about the accurate representation of Christ's Crucifixion.
Topics: 1 Posts: 6
1 6
by Sandy
Why Would God Allow Slavery
All manners of slavery is mentioned in the scriptures, what was God's position?
Topics: 2 Posts: 3
2 3
New Age Movement
New Age Books
Discussion of Popular New Age Books
Topics: 3 Posts: 10
3 10
New Age Topics
Indigo Children, Labryinths, Water Crystals, Reincarnation. Yoga, etc.
Topics: 14 Posts: 31
14 31
Matters of the Christian Walk
Struggling with Natural Desires
Discussions about the fleshly appetites that taunt every Christian and how to overcome.
Topics: 4 Posts: 11
4 11
by SERay
Marriage, Divorce and Abuse
What the counsel of God reveals regarding divorce and abuse in a marriage.
Topics: 3 Posts: 4
3 4
by SERay
What the Scriptures teach about being a disciple of Jesus.
Topics: 1 Posts: 2
1 2