Are Those Who Don't Believe in Jesus Going to Hell?



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  • Are Those Who Don't Believe in Jesus Going to Hell?

    A reader asked: Are you saying that 2/3 of the world is going to hell because they don't believe Jesus is their God??

    The man was of a technical background, and regarded science as the explanation of life. He was non-practicing Catholic, therefore has exposure to the faith, only not personal. My response was different, and read like this:

    2/3 of the world is not going to Hell because they don't believe in Jesus. I say this because that sentence reduces the faith down to intellectual semantics. The gist goes something like this; our soul is inexorably disconnected from the life source at birth due to a spiritual corruption long ago. Due to the missing soul link to the Creator, we are essentially cursed with a rebellious heart and bent on soul damaging rationale resulting in destructive choices. Generally called “sin,” which is the cause and effect of the missing "God to soul" connection, e.g. innocence to evil. It gets more complicated, but for the sake of being simple, that is the introduction.

    The Creator provided an inter-mediator, a bridge, an intercessor, that provides a type of “soul patch” by relinking our souls to the Creator. This is accomplished by means of a life source transfusion via the blood of a sentient being, in this case, Eashoa Msheekhah. A name that has been convoluted into English as Jesus Christ. It is a faith transition, inducted by a spiritual encounter that transforms the motives and longings of the heart. Of course, this is not explained with religious vernacular, but in essence, without the bloodletting of a divine being, in the form of the creature interceded; there is no transition after death back to the origin of all life.

    Hell as it is called, something like an isolated vacuum in time and space, separate from the dimension of the Creator, where souls not properly restored have to go because they refused or missed the provided patch. The vacuum, abyss, bottomless pit as it is called, is full of misery because it has not access to the source of life. Since the soul does not terminate at death, but transitions, it has to go somewhere. Some souls actually linger for a time, before passing through the fabric of our dimension to the timeless.

    So yes, unfortunately, those who don’t accept the restoration point provided, choose their destiny after death to that vacuum that results from not being restored to the source in life. Forgive the modern jargon, where the old terminology does not relay the details well. Doesn’t matter rather a person believes it all of not, it is how it is, and if a soul does not accept the sacrificial death of Jesus on our own behalf, yes indeed, they will pass over to a very unpleasant eternal dwelling.

    I will not suggest Pascal’s Wager, but who is foolish enough to gamble their one precious soul with eternity?

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