Disagree or stand with a Pastor in Error?



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  • Disagree or stand with a Pastor in Error?

    Without starting a debate on the conflicts themselves, I would love to hear some input on what to do if you find a Pastor teaching in conflict to the scriptures.

    Do you just avoid the topic that is in conflict, or is the Pastor's teaching in other areas that are not in conflict with scriptures still ok to receive?

    I guess what I'm asking is do you think it is a good idea to wash your hands of that Pastor completely, or just stand as disagreeing with him on that one subject?

    May the Holy Spirit always move within you!

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    Hello Christopher!

    There is a section under False Teachers, where men like Harold Camping and Arthur Burke were addressed. https://www.discerningtruth.org/foru...hers-and-Cults As well as revealed false teacher like Todd Bentley and Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda and another false Christ, Sergei Torop. Discerning Truth even went as far as to discuss Joel Osteen, and his positive humanistic "life coach" message: https://www.discerningtruth.org/show...-Serve-Message Therefore, yes, we do address false teachers as needed, but due to other pastorial duties, we don't have time to examine them all.

    While it is needful to expose the deviant of extreme error, whereas even Rob Bell should be dutifully entered into the halls of Eternal Path as a false teacher, we don't tread areas where the semantics of Scripture results in divisive debate about election, Lordship Salvation, and other matters that is more about opinion than error.

    As far as confronting a Pastor on error, typically it is best to communicate with an elder on the matter, whereas we are to observe the chain of authority. Or if not available, discuss with the Pastor in a humble and open dialogue as to ask questions, never to press statements. If making statements, the response will be a defense posture and conflict will naturally arise. Asking questions to allow another person to come to a conclusion is positively offensive and non-threatening. Hope this helps


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