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  • Discussing Salvation with an Atheist

    This is different approach from my normal Systematic Theological style. I was in discussion of the attached graphic with an atheist, and the following outline simply poured out. While this is not the best theological summary of salvation, it is more "street talk" for an atheist who worships science as God.

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    "Here's a brief cosmological overview, please bear with me. Forever is, and in that was not only perfection, but all that is or was to be: infinite. This singularity, self-existing and outside of time, perfect energy in perfect balance as can be expressed by limited human agencies. Sounds like Buddha ideology so far, but it is not universalism, it is exclusivism. This "force" if you may, for it had no name and never will or does, although labeled by humankind, somehow created matter into a universe where linear time is transient. Big Bang, spoken appearence, rift in space-time... who really knows, but here we are. Laws of physics govern everything which is bound on mathematical principles that uphold the universe. The Creator's hand is reflected in the sum equation, math is the tangible language of the forever One. Math is the One's thumbprint that is universal and never changes.

    At least in this galaxy, life was breathed across the surface (broken down in human terms) and from this event came biological and organic elements that resulted in humanoids. The tangible method of this event is hard to guess, if it took 750,000 years or 6,000, but here we are. The innocence of the self-willed being was found with profound intellect, derived from the very soil on which it found itself. The self-willed self-aware moral creature had similar attributes as the Creator, to create. It gets messy after this.

    Much of the story line is speculative at best, taking at face value without any empirical or concrete evidence. Never the less, as a result of crisis in the eternal realm, the finite was infected. The Creator was aware of a breach, and even though what takes thousands of years in our time line, it is unmeasurable in the spiritual, where no time exists. Therefore, for millenniums, human kind has been left to the fallout of the breach (the Luciferian crisis and the self-willed nature) in as such that we are born to a time line that is not eternal, it does have an end or is metamorphic as all things are in this universe. The concept of the Christian Gospel is, the universe is broken, and humankind is a part of that brokenness.

    The only detail of our experience that is abundantly critical is the soul. It must be redeemed to return to the source. The living entity that breathed life restores and reclaims its own. The One provided a means of restored convergence by means of a facsimile of his own essence, where restoration requires a life for a life to return to the One. So this "Jesus" whose fame of miracles and word so profound, men fell over at the mere utterance, comes to realize at a young age that he had one purpose. That his life (the blood is life) must be given in the place of any soul willing to look and accept that offering of restoration. It is all about reconciliation to the One source, so that the soul can be find its way back to the point of origin. Without this process of reclamation, the soul is purported to possibly wander for time, in this realm or limbo, but finally pass over to a place in infinity where the life giving One is not present. That is why it is called Hades, Hell, Naraka, Gimokodan, Anaon, etc. it has been called many names. Ancient references means, "one who covers up or hides something" a realm of the hidden, utterly separate from the life source. The Church made it into a feast of the damned, but the cosmology explains it different. The Church focuses on our faults or badness, while the true Gospel instead focuses on our reunification as bystanders on a stage.

    The One has already taken action, instantly, but this dimension of time plays out in millenniums, while the self-willed are given freedom to make choices to one’s fate or future. The One urges the planets occupants to understand that our life is but a vapor of steam, here and then gone suddenly against the backdrop of time, but the soul lingers on after. A patch to the bug has been sent in a strange way, but a spiritual law requires life for a life, accept it or reject it, it is said to be the pivotal point of ones journey to do with forever. Hope that makes sense?"

    He responded: "It all makes perfect sense... now, if only there were any evidence for it!"

    I responded: "Some details have proof, but some aspects are assuredly speculative. For me personally, I was changed outside myself in 1986, and nothing has ever been the same since. It was related to the transient death to life by means of a mediator. The one most important detail about the spiritual dimension, it cannot be logically or physically reckoned. I cannot put it in a petri dish for study nor can it be measured or intellectually comprehended. How does a mortal human approach an eternal dimension when there is no tangible passage between? That is what "faith" is, a conveyance or bridge. It isn't gullibility, but possibility. “I don't believe this is true, but what if?” or "God if you want me to find you, reveal yourself to me." type of approach. Some of the greatest spiritual pioneers to realize this were those most offended by it. Takes boldness to consider, but that is how many find the evasive portal to the divine."

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