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    Please submit a subject you would like to see discussed here. When enough suggestions are submitted, more forums topics will be added. This is a place for new Christians to submit questions too!


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    forum suggestion

    But it's up to you.I'd like to see one for Catholics who have been led into the NAM by ppl claiming to be Catholic.I'd also like to address anti Catholicism and how that plays into various movements.or ppl who have been led to beleive that Catholicism and various movements are compatible.They deserve to hear the truth about what the Church teaches.It is NOT compatible and the Church clearly states this!!!
    I know this is a board for ppl of all faiths-i will respect that-but i am very concerned about sites claiming to BE Catholic when they're not.I will always be glad to help with ppl who are non Catholic and have fallen prey to this stuff.No problem there.
    God Bless,
    PS i read your section on home church.Very interesting. I also focus on Church history when talking to ppl.It's helpful. Especially the Early Church Fathers.I try to keep Catholics focused on the Eucharist and Rosary too.


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      Subject Ideas

      Some subject ideas for future consideration:

      Evangelism, Missions, Persecuted Church
      Devotionals (writing, experiences, reading and discussion)
      Family Issues
      Spiritual Warfare
      Prayer Requests and Praise Reports
      Cults, Occult, Paranormal, World Religions
      Bible Versions and Translations
      Questions from New Christians


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        Covering of the Head

        I do not understand 1 Corinthians 11 whatsoever. Uncovered heads?
        Covered heads? Why does that matter to God?


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          Would love to read more about revival in the church and where in the bible this word comes from.


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            New Topics for Discussion

            I wanted to post new topics to discuss.

            So when I get a chance I will. I am concerned about the deliverance ministry topic. Binding and loosing etc... I think Christians can be oppressed and can be delivered from addictions. I have been blessed by this ministry. However, I think with everything else, we need to focus our goal on Jesus, and the finished work He did for us at the cross and not get so obsessed with the demonic realm. Even though it is always around us. Our focus should be who we are in Christ and Him who lives in us being greater than he who lives in the world. So I love the deliverance ministry, it frees so many from bondages, but for our focus to be on Christ who paid for all. He loves us ssoooooo dearly and wishes us to have freedom in Him. I love Eddie and Alice Smith and their prayer center and how they glorify Jesus. I also have been blessed by so many others who absolutely love the Lord with all their hearts and see to it that those who come to Him find His peace which surpasses all understanding.

            Remember in my testimony, Faith who shared the gospel with me; she took the cleansing stream course with me and did deliverance with me over the phone right after I got saved (a couple weeks after). I believe the Lord used that to free me up from all the occultic practices I had been involved in. I know the power of God's Spirit was with me as He freed me soooo quickly of foul language usage every day, to not wanting to drink ...

            Also the topic on spiritual gifts in the church-the gift of tongues like we talked about.(maybe there is already a posting). I believe the gifts are for now, but on the same hand we can get sidetracked by the gifts themselves and not the Giver of them. Our focus should always be on Him and if it edifies us and the body. Pride comes in too sneakily. And I am blessed to have discussed this with you already. I knew it was for me (and my relationship with Him) and it is not that important as Paul says in 1 Cor 14 (?) thanks for sharing.

            A couple more would be a Christian getting a tattoo and a Christian getting acupuncture. Pray I only take your time if it glorifies Him. I don't want to get off on rabbit trails (as they say). I pray we continue to see through His eyes and He gives us His heart. He truly loves you, Steven, so dearly. God bless you brother!


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