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  • Understanding Matt. 16:18

    In Matthew Chap.10:5-23 and 22:4-7 it can easily be seen that Peter and the other disciples also preached the same gospel of the kingdom after the cross that they and Lord preached before the cross. The present church did not as we have been taught begin with the so-called great commission or Peter’s preaching on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2, but with the Apostle Paul as shown in Acts 13:2, 46-47 in AD 46-47.
    After the cross the disciples were still expecting the establishment of the kingdom of Israel that they and the Lord had been offering for 3 years before the cross. That is seen in Acts 1:3 when after teaching the disciples for 40 days about things concerning the kingdom that they had been preaching before the cross, they asked the Lord if He would at that time restore the kingdom to Israel. In verse 6 He did not correct them, but simply told them, it was not for them to know when. If they were confused, that was the appropriate time to correct them, but we find no such thing.
    When it is said that the church did not begin on the Day of Pentecost with Peter’s preaching, immediately we are told that the Lord said He would build his church and the gates of Hades would not prevail against it. The confusion has been caused by the erroneous translation of the Lord’s words in Matt. 16:18 when He said that He would build His Church.” Because the translators believed the present assembly of Christ was what the Lord spoke of, they have misled the present assembly of Christ for two thousand years by translating the Greek ekklesia,” to “church,” when all the word ‘ekklesia’ means is an assembly, of anything.
    If the word means church as used today, then we have a contradiction when the Lord said He would build His assembly He give Peter the keys to what He identified as the kingdom of heaven in Matt. 16:19. They are most certainly not the same. If the Lord was speaking of the present assembly of Christ, then all things He spoke of afterwards would apply to the assembly that He and they had been offering and said He would build.
    Then we have the confusion of believing the present church is the kingdom Peter offered. In which case we will go through the tribulation as mentioned in Mathew 24 and Luke 21 rather than being removed in the rapture as Paul explained of the present assembly of Christ. The end result is the present nonsense and confusion of Paul and the Lord contradicting each other.
    That assembly mentioned in Matt. 16:18 is immediately identified in the next verse (19) when the Lord said He would give Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven, which he used in Acts chap. 2 and 3 when he offered a restoration of not only the kingdom to Israel but a restoration of all things. That would include all that was lost by Adam. The term “kingdom of heaven” is used for a total of 33 times in Matthew, so there is no doubt as to what the keys were to open in spite of what scholars and church leaders tell us. Neither is the church a kingdom par-se of any kind.
    The word Greek word ekklesia (assembly) translated “church” can mean any assembly. In Acts 19It is used to describe a mob of rioting Ephesian Gentiles who in opposition to Paul, Demetrius, a silversmith, called together an “ekklesia” (church), in an effort to stem the tide of defections to Paul’s teaching about Christ. To show the nonsense of their translation, most if asked what the word church means, explain that it has a meaning of “called out ones” But how could that be a proper rendering of ekklesia?
    If the word church, simply means the “called out ones,” then the word ekklesia translated “church” is just as appropriate when applied to the Ephesian idol worshiping mob who would have killed Paul, as when it is used to identify the present assembly of Christ. Would we say the idol worshipers were the called out ones? It is a clear example of the absurdity that we have been taught by some of those referred to as scholars.

    In His grace


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