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  • destruction of a previous race

    It has always been my belief that dinosaurs were destroyed by an asteroid.

    I have this stone I wear around my throat called muldavite, It is supposed to be a small piece of that asteroid infused with mother earth. What is up with that? E.

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    Chicxulub Impact

    Moldavite is the same thing as a Tektite, which has a green cast like coke bottle glass. The better quality grade has a distinct fern-like pattern. Most the Moldavite is mined out of the Czech Republic. It is thought to be related to a 15 million year old meteor, but not related to the extinction of the dinosaurs. The meteor responsible for the dinosaurs, hit with such impact, that only granules or dust can be found.

    The convergence of time lines between scripture and geological data is nearly impossible verify. I do feel there are some serious gaps in our canon of scripture when it comes to time tables, but I will not say the scriptures are in error. I would say they essentially do not provide much detail in certain areas, leaving MUCH to speculate. The scriptures were gathered more as guide for human kind, not as historical documentation.

    I do firmly believe that a asteroid slammed into the earth ending the reign of the dinosaurs. The standard theory states that a giant asteroid about 6 miles wide smashed into the Yucatan Peninsula close to the current Mexican town of Chicxulub about 65 million years ago (time frame exaggerated). The impact raised enough dust and debris to blot out the sun for decades or even centuries. Such a large impact would also have triggered a host of natural disasters, including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and global firestorms that cooked, starved and suffocated the mammals. Computer modeling studies have shown that within hours of the impact the entire atmosphere would have caught fire due to the ejecta returning to earth - over and over again as the planet rotated, setting off a repeating global firestorm lasting weeks and reaching into the hundred, even thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. Basically, anything that couldn't hide in a burrow was cooked before being burned to a cinder. Animals like the crocodile is a known descendent surviving this event including some birds.

    Iridium is a chemical element commonly found in asteroids and comets and the K-T boundary has been touted as the smoking gun linking the dinosaurs' demise to an asteroid impact. Markus Harting of the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and a small group of scientists thinks the Chicxulub impact happened too early to have been the infamous dinosaur-killer. Harting believes his work supports the theory that the Chicxulub impact occurred roughly 300,000 years earlier than many scientists have commonly assumed which only proves that no one really knows.

    Due to the large margins of error involved, Harting could not determine the age of the spherules found in multiple layers of sediments from northeast Mexico, Texas, Guatemala, Belize and Haitibut. Instead relied on studies of sediment deposits performed by Gerta Keller at Princeton University and colleagues.

    Keller cites a thick layer of sediment found between the Chicxulub impact layer and the K-T boundary as evidence that the Chicxulub asteroid impact occurred well before the extinction of the dinosaurs. Keller also claims to have found evidence of Cretaceous-era fossils in sediments above layers of rock linked to the asteroid impact.

    Keller thinks dinosaurs survived the Chicxulub impact but were finished off by a larger, more catastrophic impact that happened roughly 300,000 years later. It was this later impact, Keller says, that is responsible for the K-T boundary. She believes the asteroid that did kill the dinosaurs probably struck Earth somewhere else and remains undiscovered.

    Recent work by other scientists, for example, has shown that fossil records could have been shuffled around by an enormous tsunami that would have followed such a significant asteroid impact. This would explain Keller's anomalous fossils, they argue.

    Denton Ebel, assistant curator of meteorites at the American Museum of Natural History, compares Harting's spherule analysis to trying to understand the eruption history of Mount St. Helens by examining a sediment core drilled out of the top of the volcano. Because the Chicxulub impact would have been many orders of magnitude stronger than any volcano eruption, scientists have to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles from ground zero to find sediment layers not disturbed by the impact.

    Frank Kyte of the University of California, Los Angeles has done just that. Kyte has analyzed the chemical composition of spherules collected from the K-T boundary layer in places all around the world, including deep ocean basins, where the sediment isn't as churned up as in the Gulf of Mexico. From his studies, Kyte has concluded that there is only one spherule layer, not many as Harting claims, and that this layer is located precisely at the K-T boundary.

    Kyte dismisses the idea that an asteroid impact different from the one that occurred at Chicxulub was responsible for the dinosaur's mass extinction. "There is all kinds of evidence that there was one big impact, and virtually no solid, strong evidence that there was more than one," he said.

    So for lack of better information in 2008, the last I knew, the Chicxulub impact is highly favored as the big one. Nothing is left of this event to make jewerly from


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      I Have a thought that regeneration of a life form which is deceased. can come back eventualy through existing family. Heaven and Hell operate on Earth, And what ascends to the Heavens is a spermatazoa, the same with which the DNA of dead guy has absorbed into Earth. I think this is how indigo children incarnated on Earth from a seperate planetary system, and what we live here is what Heaven And purgatory are from there. If you can make any sense of this,good luck, I should be sleeping with the dinosaurs, Ha-ha. peace.E.


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        Did we come from Space?

        Well, true in the sense that all life forms biologically depreciate to their original cellular level... dirt. Then plants take on the nutrients, animals and humans eat them and around and round it goes I have read several secularist that say earth is heaven and hell, and in some cases it certainly seems like it. What matters most of all is when the soul departs from the body. They Egyptians were obsessed by preparation for death, and so were many advanced antediluvian civilizations, they knew that the afterlife was forever.

        Animals, insects, plants and other living matter do not have what the human has, a soul. Now animals have spirits (pneuma), sufficient in form that a desperate evil spirit will dwell in an animal if necessary. The spirit is essentially our emotions, animals have emotions, they can laugh as scientist have concluded and can have attitudes. However, the dog, cat, hamster nor any other animal do not have any inclination to seek oneness with God. That persuasion was placed within our souls that spirits alone do not have. The Creator did this by design when He said he would make us in His image. He wasn't talking about physical form, Yahweh was speaking of the soul.

        So no, this life is just a physical passage unto the infinite. Heaven and Hell are pathetically small words that our feeble minds can't comprehend. Heaven is greater than the eye or mind can imagine and the depravity of the abyss more horrid than one can possible conceive. I have heard of and seen people on their death bed as they pass from death to life. Some have faces full of joy and peace at that last moment, and others seem to be fighting something that is dragging them away. Not everyone exhibits this end expression, but I can assure you, when you are breathing your last, you will not be putting on an act when you meet what is waiting on you. Yes, Heaven and Hell is real, however the powers that dwell in this realm have convinced many people that it is a fairy tale. It will be too late when those people finally get the whole picture. Denial doesn't change anything.

        I got a chuckle from your spermatozoa reference. Spermatozoa is a mature male germ cell, the specific output of the testes. Nothing physical ascends into the spiritual realm. What is of the earth stays in the earth, what is of the Spirit, returns to the spirit. Since evolution has been proven faulty for the most part, researchers now are speculating that other events such as Panspermia which is the hypothesis that the seeds of life are ubiquitous in the Universe or an undiscovered “life law” such as creationism are more probable than all existing terrestrial Abiogenesis theories. They are desperately sifting comets looking for evidence, verses accepting that a divine entity call "God" created the universe from the void of space.

        I will not go into a long discourse on the Indigo Child concept, it is fully outlined here (Click Here).

        I perceive that you have an instilled belief about extraterrestrial incarnates, which to some people might be strange (and it is) however, there is a small population who hold to this position. It is sometimes called "Xenotheism" which is mentioned on my World Religions page published 4 years ago. A neologism for "worship of extraterrestrials" could be called exobiolatry worship, derived from the word "exobiology" which is the study of life beyond earth. Xenotheism is the admission of foreign deities to the earth, a phenomenon very typical of all polytheistic religions or pagan societies.

        The markings in the Nazca highlands of Peru suggest that the people imagined someone up in the sky. It is very possible they were obsessed with intergalactic visitors deemed as Gods. What culture hasn't? Pyrimidology has had many facets, alien involvement not the least popular of them. Ancients were smart, resourceful, and sometimes inclined to think big. Many cultures have lore about visitors in ships. Why do people believe this means they were factually correct? Ancients were genuinely advanced, but they didn't understand the natural world, therefore they made up fanciful stories to explain things they didn't understand.

        I don’t want to ruffle any Catholics, but purgatory is a fabrication developed by the Papacy during their dark years. It helped fill their coffers when the faithful would pay priests (indulgences) to pray relatives out of purgatory. The standard reference to purgatory is 2 Maccabeus 12:46 where a prayer for the dead is mentioned, however to say this Apocryphal reference is about purgatory is a far stretch. Selling indulgences became a means for the Church to be able to finance special projects, such as the construction of the Vatican in the sixteenth century. Martin Luther figured out the deception and got extremely ticked. Despite what depraved souls have done to twist God's purpose, God still accepts his Church.


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