View Full Version : Believe What You Read

09-01-2008, 09:17 AM
As we know...since we were child we have learnt that Jesus is our Saviour and through Him our sins are cleanse. We also learnt that every Sunday, we will going to the church / chapel to pray and to be connected with our Lord to seek for forgiveness of our sins and to ask for His blessing and love. Every moment, when we are in sorrow and sick, for sure we will pray to Him and ask Him to cure and take away our sickness and sorrowness. Everybody...I mean almost 99.9% of Christian believers worldwide believe in this. So, no more doubtful about His status that only through Him we can have better, blessed and heavenly life. Nobody plans to seek for hell...so, just keep our trust and ensure our believe on Him constantly and deeply. Amen. Alleluya...